The distinguished British street artist Charlie Uzzell, better known as Pure Evil, painted a mural found on one of the most important touristic spots of Valparaiso, the Atkinson promenade on the Concepcion Hill.

The renowned graffiteer, who has taken his art to countries such as China, Russia, Brazil and the whole European continent, occupied 102 square meters in total for his proposal named “Poema de Amor a Valparaiso” (translating into Love Poem to Valparaiso in English) including among its many elements an illustration of Pablo Neruda.

Charlie Uzzell had already expressed in an interview to a London newspaper his wishes of manifesting his work in Valparaiso, affirming that: “Chile leads my list of countries where there is an interesting emerging art scene.  I have heard of a few neighborhoods on the hills of Valparaiso where groups of artists gather in a café and later paint murals together.  This is where social connection has played an important role for many art movements.”

“Poema de Amor a Valparaiso” contemplated three days of spray painting, a progression of colorful port houses (with the support of the local artist ValeClave), its rabbits and hearts (that are already a trademark) and the Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda.

A journalist of The Times newspaper from London traveled alongside the artist, who will edit an article on the visit that Pure Evil paid to Valparaiso.  The work was also caught on film to be exhibited on the WTM fair that will take place in the London capital between November 3rd and 6th, and on a Chile event at the Pure Evil Gallery, where media, industry professionals and local artist will attend.  A part of the mural will be reproduced and auctioned for charity among the participants of the event.

The concept behind Pure Evil

According to the artist, his pseudonym Pure Evil explores his darkest side.  Raised in a Catholic environment in which the concept of good and evil are tied to each other, the artist´s critical sense focuses on discussing the most diabolic aspect of our society and world, infested by war and poverty without end.  His work has a trademark, where pop culture icons are captured with a vampire-like look, with characters melting while his painting simulates an imminent apocalypse.

His success allowed him to open his own gallery at the Shoredich in London in 2007.  Here, the artist exhibits his work, as well as of other artists and it is where he unites with art creation, both graphic and musical.

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