An extraordinary journey rescued from Chile’s history awaits you in this special program for riders and other adventurers. You will follow the same path that the Liberation Army took  in 1817 in their struggle against the Spanish colonial reign.

This expedition will lead you right through the Andes passing by some of the highest peaks of the continent, eternal snowfields and sparkling streams. The rocky landscape formed by the semi arid climate influences the lifestyle of the local shepherds called “Huasos” or “Gauchos”. You will share their customs during your journey and experience the wild beauty of nature.

Trip features

Type of trip: Horseback riding
Duration: 6 days
Suggested period: December to March
Fitness level: demanding
Technical level: moderate

Highlights of the trip

  • Andes panorama
  • Mendoza
  • Traditions of the Gauchos
  • Historic Reserve Manzano