From now on visitors will be able to travel every inch of the 770 miles belonging to Route 7 from their computers, tablets or mobile phones, thanks to one of the biggest stars on the Internet, that not only georeferenced the main road of communication in the Aysen Patagonia, but its urban centers too.

This tool has already caught the attention of tourism providers, who see in it a great potential to make use of their services.

Visiting all corners of Coyhaique, Puerto Ingeniero Ibañez, Chile Chico, Puerto Aysen, Cochrane and Puerto Cisnes is only a click away.  Yes, because as of this 2014, the capital and other mentioned towns have been completely mapped thanks to the Google Street View application that through Google Maps offers updated views of each city´s streets and the totality of Route 7, from the northern tip of the region to the end of the road in Villa O´Higgins.

The tool, that was presented worldwide seven years ago and debuted in Chile in September 2012, allows the Aysen Patagonia to make its definite entrance into digital tourism.  With this, the tourist is able to drop in on a destination and through his or her computer get familiarized with its attractions, infrastructure, basic services, etcetera, before formally traveling.

This tool is fundamental and it translates to welcoming electronic tourism to this area of the Chilean Patagonia, being widely valued by the public and private sector, most of all for mapping the Carretera Austral, which has historically been an attraction for thousands of tourists that come to Aysen to experience a scenic route offering privileged surroundings.

The supplier and tourist potentials have an impressive impact, because many will be able to promote their services and travelers visit their destinations of interest before actually visiting them in person.  Once they have formalized the trip, they will even be able to share the impressive landscapes that Route 7 has to offer throughout its extension online.

Now, this tool, which is available in over 40 countries, has new objectives that will come very much in handy to promote the attractions inAysen, because they are working on georeferencing national parks and their trekking areas for those interested in studying their trekking trips prior to their actual visit, in order to better prepare themselves for the Chilean Patagonia.

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